Tallysman TW600

Tallysman TW600
Семейство малошумящих усилителей, предназначенных для интеграции в существующие «choke ring» ГНСС антенны.


The TW600 family of low noise amplifiers (LNA) provide a high performance amplifier upgrade for full GNSS (GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou) frequency choke ring antennas.


Available with 35 dB or 50 dB gain

Low current and low voltage

Wide input voltage range: 3 to 17 Volts

Powered via antenna coax from receiver

50 Ohm port impedance

Very low noise

RoHS and REACH compliant


Upgrades choke ring antennas to receive the full GNSS band or subset thereof

High gain enables extended cable runs

Easy to install


The TW600 family of low noise amplifiers (LNA) are optimized for all GNSS bands utilized by the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou satellite systems. This LNA is designed for integration into existing choke ring antennas thereby upgrading them to receive the entire GNSS band or a subset thereof.

The TW6x3 provides 35 dB of gain and the TW6x5 provides 50 dB of gain. Custom pre-filtering provides suppression of out-of-band interfering signals such as cellular LTE, Ligado, and Iridium satellite communications, while maintaining a low noise figure, high third order intercept point and small group delay.

Meeting the requirements of high performance GNSS receivers, the current consumption is less than 50mA with a 5 VDC supply.

The amplifier housing is compatible with choke ring antennas manufactured by Trimble, Allen Osborne, Ashtech, and Leica (504)


TW61x: All GNSS Signals (1164 -1300MHz + 1559-1610MHz)

TW62x: L1/L2, G1/G2, B1/B2, E1 + L-band (1195-1254MHz + 1525-1610MHz)

TW63x: L1/L2/L5, G1/G2/G3, B1/B2, E1/E5a+b (1164-1254MHz + 1559-1610MHz)

TW60x: All GNSS Signals + L-Band (1164-1300MHz + 1525-1610MHz)

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