Tallysman TW150

Tallysman TW150
Разветвитель ГНСС сигнала на два приемника. Питание антенны через один порт, блокирование входа постоянного напряжения на втором порту.


The TW150 is a professional grade 1 to 2 L-band signal splitter, suitable for supporting the full GNSS frequency bandwidth.


1 to 2 GHz operating frequency

Low insertion loss 1.0 dB @ 2 GHz

VSWR <1.25 typ.

Max pass through current 200 mA

50 Ohm port impedance

Clear anodized IP67 aluminum housing

Gold-plated SMA or TNC Jack connectors

RoHS Compliant


Compact form factor

Allows use of two GNSS receivers to share one antenna

Fits in-line with antenna cable

Robust design

Suitable for harsh environments


The TW150 splitter permits two GNSS receivers to operate on one antenna, by allowing the DC voltage source to pass through Port 2 but blocked on Port 1.

The TW150 is housed in a robust  clear anodized aluminum enclosure and is available with 3 x gold-plated SMA or TNC Jack (female) connectors.


Bandwidth: 1 – 2 GHz

Supply Volts: 18 VDC max

Current: 200

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